Brittanee Nicole Brand.

"I'm a smart, strong, sensual woman." Love me, hate me, Idgaf 💁😘

Sooo, this happened a few days ago! ☺️ I’m in Autumn mode already 🍁🍂 #bluntfringe #selfie  #diybangs #newhair

Begin Again soundtrack « anything else in my life right now




My Roommate Took Her Samoyed to a Color Run

This makes me so happy

me too^

Sending creepy pictures of myself to my boyfriend is my favorite pastime

Why does it have to be so goddamn hard to put this tiny hoop into my cartilage piercing?!? Fml


forcing your pets to spend time with you by closing the door






another way to ruin a pop classic with teenage angst.  Cyndi Lauper would be turning in her freshly dug grave

ah yEs, those angsty teenage years when overdramatic girls go through that oh-so-trivial phase of believing they deserve fundamental human rights a hah ha *wipes a stray tear of mirth*

Cyndi Laupers not even dead

Cyndi Lauper is a long-time activist for human rights and would most likely be holding the damn sign herself

"It is not a dirty word, "feminism." I just think that women belong in the human population with the same rights as everybody else. … The problem is, "A feminist looks like this, or is like that." We are taught not to like ourselves as women, we are taught what we’re supposed to look like, what our measurements are supposed to be. I never hear what measurements men are supposed to be. Just women.”
  - Cyndi Lauper

Fuck you.



you have never truly lived on the edge until you’ve continued blogging after your laptop has given you the 5% remaining warning and it could cut out at any moment 

its going hardcore tonight



I would like to thank my arms, for always being by side. My legs, for always supporting me, and my fingers…because I can always count on them.