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“…at our wedding, Kurt wore green pajamas because he was too lazy.” -Courtney Love


do you ever get so obsessed with a game that you start playing it in your head before you sleep

Candy crush tbh



Two students, James and John were given a grammar test by their teacher. The question was, “is it better to use “had” or “had had” in this example sentence?”

The teacher collected the tests, and looked over their answers.

James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had.” “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

welcome to the english language




when ur reading a book in class and u turn the page before everyone else and then u jsut sit watching all those dumb ass nerds turn their pages a whole second after u haha i am king


I think “dildo” is a perfectly acceptable insult. Like, I’d call you a dick but you’re not real enough.


getting a good grade on the test you were 97.4% sure you were going to fail


apparently my frikcking seven year old cousin made a club at school called the “no friends club” and basically everyone who doesnt have friends sits together at lunch holy shit hes going to be the next leader of the free world